Friday, August 12, 2005

Rajiv, You the Man!

Hooray for Flarion on its acquisition by Qualcomm!!

Congratulations to Rajiv Laroia (the Bell Labs PhD who invented wireless OFDMA), Ray Dolan (the kick-ass CEO, once a marine corp fighter pilot) and the whole Flarion team. Special thanks to my partner Bob Goodman for leading that early venture capital round of this ambitious Bell Labs spinout way back when it was called Radio Router, and advocating along the way to make Flarion our firm's largest investment ever!

Congrats as well to our early co-investor Charles River Ventures. Flarion joins a prominent list of joint ventures between our two firms (along with Parametric, Staples, Flycast, Celcore, Ciena, Sonus)!


  1. Anonymous9:49 AM

    So, at the end of the day, how much did losing Nextel hurt the eventual outcome of Flarion?

  2. The company sold for over $800 million, so it couldn't have hurt too much.

  3. Anonymous8:36 PM

    what you think about Airvana ??