Sunday, April 02, 2006


Here's some of the creative thinking that evidently went on in the halls of Cisco's consumer products unit to generate "follow-on revenue" to sales of the Linksys Media Center Extender...

"I know! Instead of simply publishing the setup utility on our Cisco-powered web site, right alongside the sales brochure, we'll publish it only on disk. Whenever the system crashes (and oh boy does it crash a lot), we'll require the user to enter a 25 character code for the setup utility that's presented only on the disk sleeve itself. When the users lose their disks or even just the sleeves, we'll charge them $10 for replacements!"

I should have bought HP.


  1. Hopefully Xorp will solve all of our routing problems

  2. Anonymous12:13 AM

    If you are into moving video around the house, I strongly recommend you look into powerline networking. Nobody talks about it, but it works, is reliable (even in Menlo Park) and requires no software whatsoever. It's simply an ethernet bridge. Add to it a $50 SW for your Sony playstation and it can do the job of a Stinksys media center.

    Your blog is great by the way.

    Baris Karadogan

  3. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Conveniently, Pure Networks, a Bessemer-funded startup, will solve all of these thorny home network setup/maintenance/file transfer, etc. problems, returning us to the halcyon days of complete consumer satisfaction.