Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Shouldn't Drink and Jive...

I'm in the back seat of a car connected by Verizon EVDO, on my way home from the happenning Business 2.0 Disruptors roundtable and party on the Hotel Vitale terrace. They served no dinner--only wine--so please excuse my spelling. (It's all a bit of a blur--I hope I didn't make any investments...)

Congrats to NextMedium and Zopa, two Bessemer companies named in Business 2.0's coverage of the top 11 disruptive startups. At tongiht's event, Paul McNamara told me about Coghead (backed by El Dorado), a hosted visual app development environment that sounds so cool I begged him to let me bypass the long line for Beta accounts.

I've always chided my kids for being disruptive--perhaps I should reconsider.

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