Monday, May 26, 2008

The 2008 WhoHas Awards

The day has come--Just in time for the Father's Day shopping season--to announce the winners of this year's coveted WhoHas Awards for the best products of 2008, an annual tradition since earlier today.

(Click on the WhoHas trophy to the right to get your own Flying Spaghetti Monster medallion--a must-have spiritual connection to our Noodly Creator.)

The winning products of the WhoHas Awards have been carefully selected and tested at home by an esteemed, hand-picked panel of expert judges. And when I say "judges" I mean "judge", and when I say "judge" I mean me.

To maintain the high standards that the world has come to expect in a WhoHas Award, I've refrained from considering any Bessemer portfolio products. That's okay--Flock and Yelp will just have to settle for winning the PC World Best Products of 2008, also announced today (no doubt timed by PC World to get some PR lift by coinciding with the WhoHas Awards).

The WhoHas Award for Most Useful Product

After years of searching for a replacement to my trusted purse, I finally found a worthy successor. The Tumi  T-Tech Jane Flow Small Flap Bag has everything I've been looking for in a purse: quick access flap (with magnetic connector--easier than velcro); zipped compartments; waterproof and durable; and the perfect size (just big enough for a Kindle).

The WhoHas Award for Best Value

"You know you're getting old when you stoop to tie your shoelaces and wonder what else you could do while you're down there." -- George Burns

The shoehorn is an oldie but a goodie--a classic, yet timeless invention. This particular unit comes in attractive natural grain wood so you can leave it in plain sight. It's extra long so there's no unnecessary bending or delay as you rush out the door. Save your shoes, save your thumbs, and save your money with this value gift...

The WhoHas Award for Most Fun Product

This is the most fun toy my family has acquired for years. Gobble is a bank that eats coins and paper money. Gobble talks a lot (and belches, too, from too much money). I can't explain--you've just got to be there. For ages 3 to 42.

The WhoHas Award for Best Picture

Really, I'm not a foreign film snob, but this film was the best I've seen in a long time. Great story line, great acting.

Congratulations to the first group of this year's WhoHas Award winners!

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