Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wyse to Ignore Vista?

Wyse S classWhile VMware was virtualizing the server, Wyse was on the cusp of virtualizing the client. And so I had filled my home with those hot little Blazer terminals, severing the chains of PC maintenance. As I'd wander through the house, my Windows desktop followed me like a labrador, popping up with the push of a button faster than you could say Operating System. No fan noise, no power drain, no wires, no expensive upgrades, no added backup, no updates...

But now that my office PCs run Vista (for better or worse, the new standard), my Wyse terminals no longer work. It's not just that the Vista-compatible RDP software is late. No, it's not coming ever, according to the one Wyse rep who actually bothered to call me back as promised.

Is this what happens when financial buyout firms acquire a great technology company?

UPDATE: On the second business day following this post, Steve from Wyse returned my call from two months ago. He gave me access to new firmware for the S10 Blazer clients that include Vista-compatible drivers, so my home is one again Wysed up. Apparently, the problem I encountered was not in Wyse's technology, but in the customer support process. Having said that, if you do need any help from Wyse, Steve knows his stuff.
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