Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Firefox 3 is Almost Here

http://blog.sanriotown.com/sanriotown_moderator:hellokitty.com/files/2007/06/flock.jpg But early adopters can experience the new Mozilla code base now by trying out Flock 2.0, released in Beta1 today to great reviews. Flock needs a new trophy shelf, having recently added a Webby and the #6 slot on PC World's top 100 Products for 2008. (Also would have won a WhoHas if not disqualified by my vested interest!)

And now Flock runs even faster, with major enhancements to the news reader and media bar. Alana at Mashable wrote, "If people start getting used to using Flock to keep up with their different social networking profiles and to share and discover media easier, I don’t see how they could ever go back to Internet Explorer or regular Firefox."
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