Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mardi Bas

Mazal Tov to my niece Valerie, who is celebrating her Bas Mitzva in New Orleans. We arrived last night in time to watch Kobe score 26 points as the Lakers trounced the Hornets

I'm obviously not a big fan of religious ceremonies, but Val's family has a funny way of celebrating that bucks the trend of over-the-top parties. Instead of congregating all week in synagogue to worship you-know-Who, we're spending the week repairing Katrina-damaged neighborhoods. Today we built and stocked a library for a local public school (I built the shelves in the photo below and my 6-year-old sanded them down). Tomorrow we're installing floors in a condemned home in the lower 9th Ward -- apparently we don't get the day off for either Christmas or Hanukah. Oy.

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