Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sister Goddesses of the Big Island

Blessed be Namakaokahai who revealed majestic whales to us today as they crested the waves of Her sea.

May She protect the feeble minded snorkelers who obliviously explore Her watery canyons below the ball path of the picturesque 15th hole on Mauna Lani South. Oh, Namakaokahai, did I not try to call out to them over the clamor of Your crashing surf? I did furiously wave my hat in a move-your-ass gesture, to which the surely oxygen-deprived bathers simply smiled and waved back before resuming their ill fated swim only a cubit from where one of our foursome's wayward tee shots soon splashed in.

And Blessed be Her Sister, the Mighty Pele, who smiled upon me today at the base of Her volcano, bestowing upon me the totally chillin' score of 81!

And may She bring wisdom to the waiter who, when asked at lunch today if the pea soup is vegetarian, responded, "Yes... mostly."

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