Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Flock is Back, Baby!

OK, we had disappeared for a long time. Version 0.7 was chock full of cool web2.0 features but it was too complicated and buggy for anyone other than technical early adopters. With the mission of delivering powerful social functions to everyone on the web, we had to re-tool our team with folks who know how to make great software drop-dead-simple to use. And so we resolved not to release another version until we could make it impressively intuitive and reliable.

The day has come! This morning Flock releases Beta version 0.9, a major new release that (the early reviewers say) doesn't suck.

Read/WriteWeb“Flock is a very elegant and well organized browser... virtually every Flock task can be completed in one or two clicks... an old IE user like me learned more advanced features and functions over 3 or 4 days, than I probably know about IE in years of use”.

“The look 'n' feel of flock remains as slick as ever, and is possibly the nicest ’skin’ for a browser out there. But this isn’t style over content and the UI’s most significant overhaul is its emphasis on improving discoverability”

“Flock 0.9 features a redesigned interface, and it feels significantly faster than the 0.7 version did: The first thing you want to do to fully utilize this browser is add the blogs, video, photo and social bookmarking sites you use. This is ridiculously easy to do in this new version."

The features I use most are the blog editor, the real-time search, and the news reader, but I also often find myself browsing the media bar. There are still some major features in the works for version 1.0 later this year, but version 0.9 is sufficiently better than other browsers to justify the switch.

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