Monday, July 09, 2007

Return of the Devil's Chaplain!

Richard Dawkins at Keplers, November 2006This Saturday at 3pm, Oxford University Professor Richard Dawkins will return to Kepler's Bookstore to reflect on the world's reception to his blasphemous bestseller, The God Delusion

Like his last visit to Kepler's, I will have the great honor of introducing him. If you want a seat for Dawkins' talk, you probably have to come early and hear what I have to say, since last time (see image right) it was standing room only!

And if you missed last month's book signing at Kepler's by the brilliant Christopher Hitchens, bring your unsigned copy of God Is Not Great with you to Dawkins' event, because I hear you'll find Hitchens among the audience. I'm delighted to note that both God Is Not Great and The God Delusion became #2 NY Times Bestsellers the month following their authors' respective appearances at Kepler's (naturally).  

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  1. Hitchens is spectacular. While I found little new in Dawkins (mostly just because of my own background), god Is Not Great brought the notion of cognitive tyranny to the table, building on his exceptional credentials as biographer of Jefferson and Orwell. Hitchens' lectures at Sewanee are worth watching:

  2. I actually made it to this and found parking! Alas, the microphone got only within 10 feet of me before the Q&A ended. Here was my question:

    "Dear Dr. Dawkins, Is there any chance that you might become a US citizen in the future? For, while we appreciate you sending along your former countryman, Mr. Hitchens, many of us worry that he is adversely affecting the liquor supply."

    Well, probably not: I had another question prepared... Still, it was nice seeing Dawkins again and hearing some follow-up on the last 6 months or so.

    Nice event.

    You personally had one detractor. A little old lady walked up to us and complained "Isn't somebody going to put a stop to this?" She might have been unsure where she was. We all smiled and let her ramble over to complain to Kepler's management about you.