Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Meet the Flockers

As a new blogger, I suspect that my readership is sufficiently small that I can still discuss private information without getting into much trouble with my portfolio companies...

For several months earlier this year, I incubated a company at Bessemer named Flock (or perhaps I should say "I shepherded the Flock"). Flock has an outstanding team led by Bart Decrem, the marketing mastermind at Mozilla Foundation behind Firefox' phenomenal launch.

Well, if you plan to attend the Open Source Convention, or if you just happen to live in Portland OR, I am extending to you an eVite I just received to meet the Flock. Here's what the eVite said:

From: Flock Team
Location: Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E Burnside,Portland,Oregon
When: Tuesday, August 2, 8:00pm
Phone: 503 231 WOOD

It's not every day that you get to introduce an Internet-shattering idea, so we intend to do it right. Come one, come all, we're havin' ourselves a Flocktastic party to celebrate the launch of the world's first social browsing company!

This is happening on the opening night of OSCON, so after you've hit the "Tuesday Evening Extravaganza", come to the *real* party at the Doug Fir, starting at 8pm!


If you wish to attend, please post a comment so we know how many extras to expect.


  1. Anonymous2:19 AM

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  2. Anonymous2:20 AM

    Excellent! Can I bring a pot roast?

  3. I will be in attendance as well, as a Portlandian and as an Open Source advocate. I hope they server a good Espressotini.

  4. Anonymous11:44 AM

    If that graphic is the logo for Flock, I would suggest a review. It is very similar to a largely unsuccessful company - Blue Martini.

  5. Anonymous12:48 PM

    This invitation sounds so 1999 :)

  6. the emergent power of the flock.... been wondering about those scaling laws...

    All the best for the launch

  7. Anonymous8:15 PM


    Thanks for spreading the word but a typo snuck into your transcription: Flock is an Internets-shattering idea! (like our Commander in Chief, we've blown past the singular Internet).

  8. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Arrived here via Fred Wilson...

    You're sporting over 170 feed subcribers, which ain't too bad for a blog that's less than a month old. I started my (latest iteration) about the same time, and I gotta say you've got a leg up on me ;)

    Hope this goes well for you.

    Ps. Don't expect me in Oregon ;)

  9. Anonymous4:04 PM

    +2. See you there.

  10. Anonymous9:07 PM

    andy v + selena b., rsvp'ing, for after 10:30, when OSCOn lets out.

  11. Anonymous9:02 AM

    As a new member of the Flock, I look forward to meeting you!