Here are some posts drawing from personal anecdotes. (If nothing else, read the first one--it's worthwhile.)

Heracles' Marathon How do I fly to Europe with an expired passport?

A Sky Spectacle. Flying over an electrical storm.

Phone Call from the Census Our government's assault on common sense.

The Sinful Joy of Wet Shaving Once you try it, you'll never go back...

A short documentary about a 10-year-old's dreams.

What my son and I learned from dropping off the grid.

Who Will Buy?  My son's barbershop quartet croons about the liquidity crisis.

A Benign Addiction Read about the compulsion that gets me out of the house at 2AM.

Trading Futures is a film written and directed by my son Avery.

Freshman Week My most embarrassing moment.

Hospital Corners A psalm to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

He's the Next Jacques Cousteau:

Separation Anxiety Someone can't handle summer camp...

I was a Drunken Mohel  See the mohel ride the Halloween bull.

It's a Wonderful Life George Bailey comes to life in a real world story.

Favorite Gadget Yes, I carry a purse.

My 9-Year Old Entrepreneur Keynotes a Developer Conference  Recounts his success launching a profitable market research company inside his elementary school.

Grammar Nerds Correcting hyper-correction.

Peace Rally Triggers Memory The 10 year anniversary of an assassination.

My daughter thinks she can do ANYTHING.

More personal stuff from the archives:

Limits of Rationality My smarty pants college roommate proves I'm irrational.

How I Lost 160 Pounds An adventure in zero-gravity.

Too Many Security Startups? I turn to crime to make a point...

Saving Serendipity Facing information overload, I need my local bookstore.

And a Child Shall Lead Them The mayor loses to a 4-year-old.

Arnold's Angels A good Samaritan rescues me by the side of the road.

Go-Ogle! Do no evil?

I Want a DUMP button! Notes from Washington DC.

Accidental Philanthropy A lucky break of the green for my favorite charities.

Stroll Down Wisteria Lane The real thing!

The Week in Mumbai A bumpy ride through India.

Snoopy Cowan: 1990-2006 Goodbye, my friend.

Clear the Way for those Rabbis! Turns out my Zeyde was an activist!

High Tech Marital Aid Online romance goes too far.

Slow News Day at WSJ This is what happens when you go to ONE party....

Do No Weevil Does Google Earth need a new name?
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