Saturday, September 24, 2005

Parents Gone Wild

Head hurts from last night's wild PTA party at Lisa and former Covad CFO (and ditch-digger) Tim Healy's house, with Bluefire CEO Bob Dvorak, Googlers Miriam Rivera and Jeff Dean, VC Ed Hurwitz, Data Domain's Chief Architect Hugo Patterson, 3Par founder Ashok Singhal, Sun's Java graphics guru Jeanette Hung and lots of other first grade parents.

Everyone brought food and wine, but Nathalie and I forgot that we were also supposed to bring the plates. For about 2 hours no one noticed that there weren't any--everyone seemed to just wait for someone else to start eating. So meanwhile we all just drank and drank, until I finally set out (rather clumsily) to investigate the disturbing lack of dinner activity.

Too bad our 6-year-olds weren't there. I'm sure that any one of them would have been smart enough to immediately ask "Hey, where are the plates?"

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