Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Do No Weevil

My Go-Ogle post has apparently provoked Doug Merrill, who directs Google's IS department, to blog. His debut post celebrates the boll weevil.

Indeed, weevils rock, but on African safari in 1999 my Masai guide taught me that dung beetles rule. Without these va-pooh-rizing insects, our planet would be a stinking ball of feces. Then Doug's company would have to change the name of its Earth imaging software to Google Shit.

1 comment:

  1. Our planet may yet turn into a ball of feces, as you so eloquently put it... but it doesn't have to be a stinking one. At least not if enough of us living beings go to and take action.

    From the website: "Whiff!™ is a newly-developed systemic fecal deodorizer formula designed to neutralize or diminish the predominant compounds that actually cause fecal odor (poop smell). Years of research now make this breakthrough available to you, as a dietary supplement - two capsules per day."

    But I'm sure you were already aware of that, as you really know your shit.