Wednesday, October 05, 2005

You Are My Sunshine

My 3 year old son visited me at work today. He does this quite regularly, says hi to everybody, and always heads straight to Rob's office to raid his candy bowl. Today I was in a meeting, though, with an entrepreneur and with our newest associate, James Cham, when my son showed up. So he came in, climbed up onto a chair, and joined us at the conference table. He listened quietly. Midway through the discussion, he contributed to the meeting by singing You Are My Sunshine.

I think our meetings could all use more songs in them.


  1. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Hi David, Tom M. told me you'd leaped into blogging with a vengence. Mazal tov.

    Next time you're in Kepler's, please keep an eye out for my new book (and of rourse buy many copies)....

    Wishing you and yours a sweet, healthy, happy year of radical amazement.


  2. Anonymous6:00 PM

    A lovely moment--likely one you'll remember for a long time. Lucky you.

    The father of a 4 year old son.

  3. Anonymous4:01 AM

    I am sure the entrepreneur really appreciated that. This is an opportunity he has been waiting for, lost some sleep over, and in comes a precocious kid that sucks in all the room's energy and attention. Way to think of the entreprenuer.

  4. Anonymous,
    You make an insightful point about the entrepreneur's feelings. Perhaps I should have clarified in my post that it wasn't a company presentation, but rather a friendly one-on-one catch-up meeting. Really, there was plenty of energy and attention to go around.