Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Maybe Harriet Wasn't So Bad

With President Bush losing support on so many fronts, he has decided it is good enough to simply satisfy his core base of Bible thumpers by nominating a devout, activist Catholic to the Supreme Court. I guess the rest of us can all, literally, go to Hell.

You've read what Samuel Alito will do to Roe v. Wade. But are you familiar with his positions on school prayer? So much for Murray v. Curlett. By the time Alito is done re-uniting church and state, he'll qualify for Time Magazine's Man of the Year.

Here's an anti-Alito petition drive where you can donate your John Hancock and maybe a few Abraham Lincolns.


  1. Anonymous8:11 PM


    As an entrepreneur who has funded and exited a variety of companies in the Valley, I have a lot of respect for the critical thought you apply to the VC and entrepreneurial community. As a lawyer, though, I think your critical thought went out the window on this post. Over-hyped paranoia like this just pushes slightly right of center people (like me) away so that we’re harder to sway with real analysis.

    Check out Cass Sunstein’s blog at the University of Chicago. It’s a right-leaning school, but he’s a left-leaning professor often cited as a potential nominee himself when a Democrat is in office. Cass is laying the groundwork for real, reasoned debate:

  2. Anonymous8:47 PM

    My RSS reader includes primarily feeds from VCs and political bloggers (both right and left-wing). Let's just say it's not necessary for me to look at the source of the feed to know when one of the VCs has started talking about politics. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, indeed.

    Alito actually voted on the "pro-choice" side of 3 of the 4 abortion-related cases brought before him despite being personally opposed to abortion. In one case, he struck down a New Jersey law banning partial-birth abortion; in another, he ruled that the Constitution affords no protection to the unborn. Alito's strict constructionism stands in stark contrast to the results-oriented judicial activism of many liberal judges; he will make a fine addition to the Supreme Court.

  3. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Agreed that we should develop a nuanced perspective not only on Alito, but on issues generally, so I like the recommendation of Sunstein's blog. Let's not overlook the obvious role that overtly political considerations had in Alito's selection, though, shall we?

    Equally interesting, I think, is how the report now getting a fair amount of press anticipated many of the issues we still are dealing with in the privacy realm. Sure, it says next to zero about how Alito as a judge would behave, but its prescience is, to my mind, impressive. The "cybernetic" portion even is on-topic for a blog like this one :^).

  4. Anonymous7:09 AM

    It seems obtruse that such bland statements of "unititing church and state" and "bible thumpers" is at all appropriate. What if all that was said is atheist assholes and disparate losers of the left. Such taglines are bias and disrespectful of others beliefs.

    Apparently, Democratics deem it cool that they are able to make derogatory comments about religion and those who follow such beliefs. Unfortunatley, this is propogated in traditional media, blogs, etc. Actions like this will only continue to polarize America and will act as a reminder that our great and unique country was founded on a value system that believes in a God. Like it or not.

  5. Anonymous #1,

    "Over-hyped paranoia"? I never questioned Alito's scholarly qualifications as Supreme Court Justice. I did point to his religious leanings, and his documented opinion on school prayer, two irrefutable facts.

    As you suggested, I did check out Cass' blog, in which he observes that Alito "is highly likely to be more conservative than the majority from which he is dissenting. In the overwhelming majority of cases, he stakes out a position to the right."

    Anonymous #2,

    Despite your argumentum ad hominem, VC's are as entitled to political opinions as you are.

    Anonymous #3,

    Sorry, there is no English word Obtruse. Perhaps "obtuse" is what you are--er, what you meant. Also, someday look into using the word "are" when conjugating the form of be for a plural subject, such as "bland statements". Sorry, there are too many other grammatical abominations in your comment for me to correct them all.

    More importantly, I never used the words "asshole," "loser," or the like (though you do tempt me).

  6. Anonymous10:15 PM

    "Over-hyped paranoia"

    Um yes, that is an adequate description of someone who thinks that bringing in Alito's religion means everything "devout Catholic" and further compounding it with (a) "simply satisfy his core base of Bible thumpers" and (b) " the rest of us can all, literally, go to Hell."

    At best, your venting got the best of you. Do you have any 'bible thumpers' as close friends? have you considered that your words smack of prejudice towards, shall we say, "people of religion"?

    You mention some 'offending' cases, but fail to mention Alito's upholding the 1st amendment rights of a muslim police officer regarding dress, and his other ruling upholding 1st amendment quite strongly.

    Alito's religion and his devotion is neither a qualification nor disqualification, and it smacks of prejudice to insinuate as much. It's his judicial temperment, skills and philosophy that are the key...

    ... and on that, Alito has been praised as an excellent Judge by many who know him (both conservative and liberal judges he serves with), albeit one who's conservative philosophy might not be favored by those who'd want a liberal activist instead.

    Put in VC terms: Have you ever decided on a deal based on a CEO's religion?
    Wouldn't you be nuts to start thinking that way now? Dont you go for the guy who does the job right?

    "interpret the law" is his job, and he's either got it or his doesnt. (Miers didnt but) Alito has been one of the best at it. Get to know the real Alito and dont let religious "paranoia" cloud your judgement.

    PS. Aside from this entry ... wonder ful blog!

  7. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Alito will be a fine Supreme Court nominee.