Friday, April 14, 2006

Wysdom 2.0

My earlier post "Wyse Up At Home" celebrated the benefits of installing thin clients in my home rather than additional PCs. Having tested out the brand new S10 Blazer from Wyse, I am now even happier about my decision.

Like the 1200LE and 1125LE units I had been using before, the S10 uses the Blazer operating system, a super thin OS that boots up very quickly. It has front loading USB ports and a VESA adapter that attaches the unit to the back of your monitor. It now supports audio through RDP, so that you can connect your microphone and speakers to the unit--a must have for VOIP users. (Video streams and games remain the only applications unsuitable for thin clients.) The S10 also supports automatic FTP downloads of configuration files, so you can store a script on your PC that all your clients run on startup. My script includes a background JPEG image, along with JPEG icons to represent all my available connections so my family can easily click on their photos to login. And an icon pointing to my SONOS application software enables quick access to home audio control.

There are more functional clients around from Wyse, Sun (just announced yesterday) and others that run beefier operating systems or connect to Linux, but I must say I like 'em fast and thin.

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  1. Looks like I predicted the future relatively accurately. I see a time when PCs, PDAs, Mobile phones etc will all do what TV does today.Just act as an interface to various services. The interface and service will obviosuly be more varied but the harddisk will really have only what you created and not much of that either.