Friday, October 27, 2006

Religion: Even Stevphens

As my readers know, I'm not a big link-poster--I post only when I think I have something original to say. (Of course, that leads to some awfully awkward silences, like most of October!) Though I do often fall in love with my own ideas, I post strictly original content for an entirely different reason--I personally find most link-posts disappointing and redundant, and I'm really not looking for volume (look, Ma, no ads!).

Of course, the only thing worse than a link-post is a link-post with a long-winded caption... like this one!

But the clip below just made me laugh too hard not to share it. Furthermore, with all the recent media recognition of the New Atheism, this video gives me unprecedented hope in the positive direction of our collective intellect.

Thanks to my friend Rabbi Alex Seinfeld for sending me this clip. If you happen to read Seinfeld's blog (and yes, he's related to Jerry), you might guess correctly that I'm Adam, the un-named atheist who pocket-calls the rabbi late at night.


Update: This video no longer works. It is a victim of Comedy Central's legal campaign to cleanse YouTube of copyright-infringing material--it appears that Viacom is sore at not being invited to the Big Payoff Party that Mark Cuban describes here. If Mark is right, the strategy was bound to backfire as copyright owners lined up for their payoff. YouTube couldn't license or issue stock grants to every potential claimant--the long tail of plaintiffs like this one is rather long.

I have been unable to find even a link to the content on Comedy Central's site. Suggestions are welcome.

New Update: According to this, Viacom is letting the clips run again on YouTube.
"Like our peers in the media industry, we are focused on finding the right business model for professionally created content to be legally distributed on the Internet," the statement read.
You can see the emphasis on "Like our peers," which means How come we didn't get a piece of the deal?

Disclosure: As I cast my little stones, I should disclose that any criticisms I have for YouTube may in fact stem from (i) Bessemer's investment in the copyright-respecting video service Revver, and (ii) insane jealousy at YouTube's great outcome.

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  1. You might also enjoy searching YouTube for "Stephen Colbert - This Week In God". Not so much satire of religious circular logic as satire of religious current events and absurdities (which I realize would be redundant for atheists).

  2. This is even more relevant, but make sure you use Internet Explorer: