Saturday, March 24, 2007

Crashed Your Car in Bay Area?

I always saw the dings and scratches on our minivan as a badge of honor. But despite my stingy inclinations, Nathalie decided that after 6 years of heavy industrial abuse, our Honda Odyssey deserved a facelift. Though I expected to be ripped off as usual, we had such a good experience this time that I had to blog it, for the benefit of all those reckless drivers like us who collect streaks of paint on their vehicles.

Now if you only like to pay dealers for service, you may not wish to hire Louis, because he doesn't even have a garage. BUT, Louis makes house calls from his well equipped van, repairing your car over several days right in your driveway. And without the overhead, he charges what you think an auto body mechanic should actually charge. In our case, Louis replaced the entire rear of our van (including the brake and signal lights) and a side mirror, and he banged out and painted all the dents on the sides and front for $1300.

Louis obviously has no office telephone or email, but you can reach him on his cell at 408.230.5440.

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  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    $1300 It`s normal price for damage your car had

  2. I think the next time you buy a car, you should store it in a self storage to be safe.