Friday, October 05, 2007

There Once Was A Founder Named Scott've been asked three times now for the text of my toast at last night's closing dinner for the Postini/Google deal. Here it is (the heroes mentioned in this ballad are founder Scott Petry, CEO Quentin Gallivan, board director Ryan Mcintyre, and lead investor John Johnston):

There once was a founder named Scott
Who invented a messaging bot
That filtered out spam--
be it virus or scam--
Now we never get spam (not a lot).

John, who led us with class,
Thought a quick IPO would be crass.
But Cowan kept cryin'
To Quentin and Ryan
Which gave John a pain in the ass.

For spam and archive retrieval
Google came, and caused upheaval!
Are we now Googlini,
Postoogle, Gostini?
All they told us is just: Don't Be Evil.

Congratulations and thanks to the Postini team for executing so well and for inviting Bessemer to be a partner in your business.

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  1. A good exit for Postini. Friends on staff are happy...