Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mash Feeds Syndicate Content to the Browser, Linking the Web to Your Site

Today MashLogic released Mash Feeds, a free service that pushes your links and content to every relevant page on the web.

Repeat traffic is critical to the success of any web site, so most publishers today like to offer an RSS feed -- a stream of content intended to keep the user engaged and coming back. This worked for a while among the early adopter crowd, but most people never use an RSS reader, and those who do often complain of RSS overload as they find themselves overwhelmed by content that seldom gets read.

Mash feeds are an alternate way to syndicate content, pushing it into the browser rather than an RSS reader. Subscribers to your mash feed will get your links with rich callouts embedded into every relevant page they visit. There's no longer any need for them to install, learn and regularly check their RSS readers. It's the simple, ultimate way to engage your audience.

When you install a mash feed on your site (we recommend you put it near the RSS icon, as shown on the right), MashLogic starts indexing the keywords in your RSS feed (it may currently take MashLogic 6 hours to build the complete index). Visitors to your site can now subscribe to your mash feed by clicking on the mash feed icon, which installs a mash in their Firefox or Flock browser. (IE is coming soon, and in the meantime IE users will not see the mash feed icon.) Even if your users never run an RSS reader, links to your site -- with your content in the callouts -- will follow them to semantically relevant pages on other sites. It's as if you had free rein to hyperlink the web as you want.

Of course, the user retains ultimate control of and visibility into the mash. MashLogic's mission is to empower people to Take Back the Web, so we always respect the user's choices -- whether that means embedding links to your site in the web or, at any point, de-activating the mash. And we never insert ads into the user's web experience.

By subscribing to mash feeds that you like, you no longer have to read every news feed "cover to cover" (Who Has Time For This?). MashLogic does it for you, and lets you know when that content is relevant to something else you're doing on the web (or, soon, in other applications as well). For example, I've subscribed to so many science and health news feeds that I can no longer keep up; but now I let MashLogic link me to the news (or auctions, or media, or job listings...) from sources I trust right when I'm most interested in those topics. For another example, see on the right how my blog's mash feed pushed topical, relevant content to the Forbes web site.

So if you like WhoHasTimeForThis? please subscribe to my mash feed, and try adding a mash feed to your own site (unless, of course, you hate free traffic...).

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