Sunday, April 05, 2009

CertifiedVideo: GoodMail has a Tiger by the Tail

On Friday Twitter was abuzz about GoodMail's new CertifiedVideo service.

For those who missed my post on Why I Invested in GoodMail, GoodMail shifts the onus and cost of email security from individuals like us to the commercial senders who have the budget and motivation to pay for authentication, cryptography, scanning, and monitoring. And the need for trusted email has never been higher, as scammers exploit the economic crisis to deploy phshing attacks of unprecedented sophistication. GoodMail already delivers billions of Certified Emails every month (look for the blue ribbon icon in your inbox to spot the authenticated, unphishy messages).
CertifiedEmail Envelope Image
GoodMail's latest service enables senders to present full playback video inside email with cryptographic proof that the video is safe and the source is trusted. According to yesterday's Wall Street Journal, CertifiedVideo opens up for media companies and permission-based marketers a compelling new channel that promises much higher engagement and response rates. Studies show users 4X as likely to play video that is embedded rather than linked to. That's why the NY Times, Turner, Fox, NBC, Target and LiveNation are already on board.

Play ABC News segment:

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