Friday, September 04, 2009


Today Smule launched a new app called I-Am-T-Pain. It's a karaoke app that auto tunes your voice using the same AnTares DSP technology T-Pain uses, so you sing in key and you sound like T-Pain. The app also lets you share your recordings with your Facebook and MySpace friends.

I'd say it's an overnight success, but it hasn't taken that long. On its first day out in the Apple store, I-Am-T-Pain is already the #2 seller. The tweeters are loving it, and so do the early reviewers...

"Get Ready for the Next Big App" - MobileCrunch

"Auto-Tune Isn’t Dead" - The New York Times

"Auto-Tuning Genius" - Gizmodo

"Sounds Just Like the Radio" - VatorNews

Here's how T-Pain himself (along with Soulja Boy, Keri Hilson and others) showing what you can do with I-Am-T-Pain.

And here are two Smulers being T-Pain...

Be T-Pain yourself and email me your songs so I can share them right here on WhoHasTimeForThis?

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  1. just amaising that piece of software from the t-pain