Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The New Flock on Chromium

Today Flock is launching a complete redesign of their social web browser based on Google's open source Chromium. Flock is now the fastest browser I've ever used, and the redesign is highly streamlined, with no extraneous chrome or buttons.

The social features are dead simple -- most prominently, a right-hand sidebar that streams Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds, made specifically for people active on those social networks. (The prior version of Flock is already the most popular desktop application in Facebook, with 7.5 million Facebook users, growing 600% in the last year; beyond Facebook we've delivered 17 million downloads with zero marketing spend thanks to word of mouth, and our users have already initiated billions of social transactions in Flock.)

With a rev share deal with Google, Flock now features Google as the default search engine. Flock is available in 34 languages, with users in 192 countries and territories. You can download it here.

New Flock from Flockstar on Vimeo.

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  1. i am almost crying with laughter! i am from the UK, and recently had to call a support line in the US, and i can honestly say i though i was talking to a computer for 10 whole minutes, right up until the end when i asked a question and the 'computer' got a bit confused and flustered.