Wednesday, March 09, 2011

TED 2011: Founder of free online Khan Academy

Salman Khan
Score: 8 balloons

This first-hand account of the creation and rising popularity of Khan Academy was widely considered a highlight of TED.

Salman had started making math videos as a favor to his cousins, but they became so popular on YouTube that he decided to quit his job at a hedge fund and record thousands more videos across diverse subject areas. His intellect, light style and generosity have seeded a tremendous online educational resource.

 See the Guide to TED Talks 2011.


  1. blacktag9:14 AM

    It's Khan, not Kahn. One's an Indian name, the other Jewish. :)

  2. Indian, or Ricardo Montalban in Star Trek II.

    Thanks, it's fixed.

  3. Anonymous9:58 AM

    HI David, It's not fixed... Look above the Balloons

  4. Very interesting video, looks like Online Universities will have a challenge.