Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Name-Calling Ninny Loose in Los Altos

So just now I was waiting patiently on the side of the road in the car line to drop off my son at school when a jogger comes running towards us right along the CENTER DIVIDER LINE with iPhone buds in his ears. Apparently he decided to cut in front of me to get to his left side (shouldn't joggers stay to their right?), but I hadn't used my ESP to leave him lots of room in front of my car. So right there in front of all the school kids (and my son) he yells "Idiot!"

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  1. David, I didn't know you'd moved here to Los Altos.

  2. I guess he felt like he owned the highway...

    David, I was in line to talk to you last night at Startup Grind, but Derek ushered you away just as I was about to talk to you. I was the one that asked the question about the importance of the team.

    I'll be honest I want to pitch you, but I don't mind if you send me to an EIR or junior partner first. If I cannot convince them, I'm not going to convince you. Dp