Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Picked Up in the Blogosphere...

Some treasures I have found recently through blogging...

  • Findory. Greg Linden, architect of Amazon's personalization engine, challenged my post Saving Serendipity with a comment that led me to his startup. Findory personalizes news and blogs, which I now feed into my RSS reader (okay, I confess I still use My Yahoo), so news gets better every day. In fact, I have replaced the useless "Archives" section in this blog's sidebar with a window into the some of the news generated for my profile. Findory will have to innovate fast, though, to keep up with some new, stealthy challengers coming to market...

  • Nivi. Babak Nivi, an MIT Media Lab graduate, has attracted a strong following for his insightful blog on new technology ventures (now on my blogroll). I found Nivi through his blog and, I'm pleased to report, recruited him to Bessemer as an EIR. (He's much, much smarter than he looks.) Check out his web-based voice mail app Slawesome.

  • Browster. In case you haven't tried this pre-fetching and content previewing plug-in, check it out. It really speeds up the web experience, and enables you to examine web content more deeply than you otherwise would.

  • Genius Architect, as posted. I actually found two!

  • Slippers with Headlights, thanks to an anonymous commenter on my post First VC Blog in India. These babies safely light my way to the bathroom at night.
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    1. Anonymous3:32 PM

      thanks for the kind words about Browster. Slawesome also seems really cool. For some time I've vented about not being able to simply record a message on my mobile phone and tell it to insert the message in someone else's vmail box so no calling, ringing, chatting, dropped calls, etc. I don't see what slawesome is a service instead of a plugin for Outlook, why manage the traffic? so you have a user base to market to?

      Scott Milener